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Chanel Préférence eyeshadow palette

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Chanel Preference eyeshadow paletteChanel is a beauty brand with a clear focus on the Asian market, and in duty-free it is no different, with several products launched exclusively in that region. The Chanel Préférence eyeshadow palette is one such item, and as far as I know is available only on board selected airlines serving the Asia/Pacific region (I purchased mine on a Singapore Airlines flight but know Cathay Pacific and Korean Air also stock this product).

The palette follows the brand’s recent format of five colours displayed vertically and in parallel, and is officially part of the Ombres Perlées de Chanel series. The five shades are a pearlescent light pink, a pearlescent silvery taupe, a metallic gold, a complex olive-y green and an almost black with finely-milled blue/purple sparkles.

Unfortunately, while the shades look very pretty on the pan, only the last two are any good – the first three are gritty, patchy and do not apply evenly either with fingers or with a brush. I had trouble getting enough pigment on my arm for the colours to appear on the swatch pictures, which is a terrible shame as the two darkest shades (the green and the black) are gorgeous, pigmented and satiny.

You can judge by yourself from the swatches, but in my humble opinion this feels like the Jekyll and Hyde of palettes! Considering it cost S$80 (roughly $63 by today’s exchange rates), it is certainly a disappointment and not something I would recommend for purchase.

Chanel Preference eyeshadow palette  Chanel Preference eyeshadow palette
Chanel Preference eyeshadow palette  Chanel Preference eyeshadow palette

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June 17th, 2012 at 9:25 pm

Givenchy Les Mini Prismes

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Givenchy Les Mini Prismes The latest Givenchy travel-exclusive offering is an unusual one: a towering palette! Givenchy Les Mini Prismes looks more like a tiny jewellery box than a cosmetics product, but that adds to its appeal, I think.

It features a top-opening compartment with a mirror that houses an eyeshadow quad (Le Prisme Yeux in Purple Show 71) and three like drawers: the top with a face powder (Le Prisme Visage in Beige Mousselline 84), the middle including a blush (Le Prisme Blush in Vintage Pink 22) and the last housing the applicators for each of the three products in the other compartments.

I’m afraid I did not purchase this so I didn’t get the chance to swatch it while going through the airport (I spotted this one at London Heathrow), but I took pictures of each of the sections open to give you a better idea of what the palette (if I can call it that!) is like – apologies for the shadows but the lighting in-store was pretty harsh! When I have the cash to spare I’ll definitely get it as it looks like a unique and interesting product! :)

As usual, click on the images for larger versions. Givenchy Les Mini Prismes was priced at £36.50 ($58), which I think is pretty reasonable when you consider all it comes with. Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

Givenchy Les Mini Prismes   Givenchy Les Mini Prismes   Givenchy Les Mini Prismes

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March 31st, 2012 at 6:53 pm

Givenchy Le Makeup Must-Haves

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Givenchy Le Makeup Must-HavesDespite not being as widely-known as other brands, Givenchy also does travel-retail exclusives, and this is one of them. Givenchy Le Makeup Must-Haves is a travel palette containing the basic things you might need on the go – blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, eye liner and powder/highlighter.

The eyeshadows belong to the Le Prisme Yeux range and come in four shades: Showy Black (01), New Look Mauve (02), Smart Nude (10) and Designer White (16). The blush quad – Le Prisme Blush – comes with four complimentary shades (peach, baby pink, rosy pink and raspberry) that can be used individually or swirled together for an overall glow. The lip shades belong to the Rouge Interdit formula of sheer, satiny lipsticks, in this case Enchanting Beige (02) and Rose Desire (11). Finally, the powder – Le Prisme Visage (Mat) in Pink Velvet (87) also brings coordinating shades designed to work as one.

This palette comes in a sturdy, luxurious compact and is certainly an interesting addition to a frequent traveller’s repertoire. My only gripe are the lip colours, which are a bit too sheer for my taste. However, if you are a fan of more discreet shades you will certainly find these lipsticks a welcome feature of the palette.

I purchased the Givenchy Le Makeup Must-Haves compact at London Heathrow airport for £35.25 (roughly $55 in today’s rates), which I think is a pretty decent price. What do you reckon? Click on the pictures for larger versions – all shots were taken in natural light.

Givenchy Le Makeup Must-Haves  Givenchy Le Makeup Must-Haves
Givenchy Le Makeup Must-Haves  Givenchy Le Makeup Must-Haves swatches
Givenchy Le Makeup Must-Haves swatches  Givenchy Le Makeup Must-Haves swatches
Givenchy Le Makeup Must-Haves swatches

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February 21st, 2012 at 11:39 pm

Extremely YSL for Eyes palette

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Extremely YSL for EyesIn the last couple of years Yves Saint Laurent launched its first travel-exclusive palettes, and in 2012 it is adding to the range with its first duty-free palette exclusively with eye products.

Extremely YSL for Eyes comes in a purple patent-look case with a large mirror and a gold YSL logo on the front. Inside, eight eyeshadow shades described by the supplier as “Extremely Couture” were selected especially by YSL makeup creative director Lloyd Simmons to create complementary looks.

The palette also includes two long applicators (brush and foam) and a travel-sized tube of the brand’s best-selling Mascara Shocking Volume Effet Faux Cils. The insert that carries the products is also removable, so you can use the palette as a fashion accessory if you prefer.

Simmons added:

These exceptional qualities mean you are free to create any number of different looks and style: from casual makeup to a smoky metal look for the evening. Everything goes.

Extremely YSL for Eyes will be available in March at selected airport shops and airlines. I’ll update this post with pricing information once that’s available. Click on the image to see it in all its glory!

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February 17th, 2012 at 5:34 pm

Very YSL Make-Up Palette

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Very YSL Make-Up PaletteI first wrote about the luxurious Very YSL Make-Up Palette back in April, and it took me this long to get my grabby hands on one of these beauties.

This gorgeous palette comes with four eyeshadows (Ombre Solo nº4 Violet, a deep aubergine shade; Ombre 5 Lumières nº9 Taupe, a true light taupe; Ombre 5 Lumières nº4 Parme, a sparkly lilac; and Ombre 5 Lumières nº8 Rose, a sparkly pink colour), two solid lipcolours (a neon pink and a peachy-pink shade) and YSL’s Blush Variation nº14, a finely-milled light peachy shade with sparkle. The palette also includes applicators for all products. The fuchsia ultra-flat case has gold trimmings and is adorned with the YSL logo, also in gold – all very decadent.

All eyeshadows and very pigmented (just look at that purple swatch!) and the lip shades provide good coverage. The blush is supposed to flatter all skintones, and it certainly works with my fair skin. I’d say the shades are more suited to cool skintones in general.

The palette retails for £37.50 (roughly $60) at World Duty Free stores in the UK, and as a frequent traveller I can say it is worth every penny. And the good news is that YSL has just launched its second Very YSL travel palette, which you will be able to see in all its glory here very soon! Click on the images for larger versions.

Very YSL Make-Up Palette  Very YSL Make-Up Palette  Very YSL Make-Up Palette
Very YSL Make-Up Palette  Very YSL Make-Up Palette

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November 1st, 2011 at 5:22 pm

Bobbi Brown Nude Pink Lip Palette

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Bobbi Brown Nude Pink Lip PaletteMakeup artist Bobbi Brown is known for her love of all things neutral and universally flattering, and her products usually reflect that. The Bobbi Brown Nude Pink Lip Palette is no exception: this travel-exclusive product  features a selection of lipsticks and lip glosses that, according to the company, flatter all skin tones, and that can be worn alone of mixed and layered for a custom look.

This palette features three lipsticks and three glosses: Pink Beige Lip Gloss, Berry Glitter Lip Gloss, Frosted Pink Shimmer Lip Gloss, Brown Lip Color, Raisin Lip Color and Pale Pink Lip Color, each of them in a 0.028oz/0.8g pan. The set also includes a good quality lip brush.

I found that thw Brown and Raisin lipsticks were nicely pigmented and swatches easily; Pale Pink, however, hardly showed (and I am fairly pale). The lip glosses are faily inocuous and do what you expect them to: Pink Beige is a glossy gloss, Berry adds a glittery sheen and Frosted Pink is a shimmery, frosty overcoat.

This palette retails for €36 ($50) at some European duty-free locations such as Germany, but despite the “exclusivity” factor I have also found it on (for you US ladies) priced at $45. What do you think? Click on the pictures for larger versions.

Bobbi Brown Nude Pink Lip Palette  Bobbi Brown Nude Pink Lip Palette
Bobbi Brown Nude Pink Lip Palette  Bobbi Brown Nude Pink Lip Palette

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October 23rd, 2011 at 10:48 am

Estée Lauder Limited Edition Colors Palette

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Estée Lauder Limited Edition Colors PaletteEvery year Estée Lauder launches a new eye and lip palette exclusively in the duty-free channel. This is year is no exception, and the 2011 Estée Lauder Limited Edition Colors Palette reached travel-retail stores in August.

The new palette features the new Pure Color eyeshadow and lipstick formulas in five shades each and includes two applicators, one for the lips and another for the eyes.

The lip colors are (left to right): Candy (16), Beige (12), Fuchsia Fever (60), Cafe Chic (77) and Scarlet Siren (73). The eye shades are Sugar Cube (30), Polished Platinum (43), Enchanted Forest (71), Silver Ball (48) and Black Crystals (58).

Most colours on this palette are fairly neutral and should suit all skintones. Enchanted Forest is a lovely taupe-green shade and Scarlet Siren a perfect red lipstick. None of the eyeshadows are too shimmery or frosty.

I don’t know the price for this palette but will check as soon as I can. Click on the images for larger versions.

Estée Lauder Limited Edition Colors Palette  Estée Lauder Limited Edition Colors PaletteEstée Lauder Limited Edition Colors Palette

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October 4th, 2011 at 3:08 pm

Revlon Colors in Bloom palette

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Revlon Colors in Bloom paletteRevlon has been doing duty-free exclusives for a while now, and this particular set was introduced in 2008. The Revlon Colors in Bloom palette is a classic travel palette in the sense that it contains all the products someone would need while out and about: five lip colours (in the Super Lustrous Lipstick formula), five eyeshadows (ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow shades) and two powder blushes, as well as three applicators, one for each type of product.

The five lip shades are, from top to bottom: Rosedew (23), Wine With Everything (43), Icy Violet (38), Coffee Bean (66) and Scarlet Velvet (09). I found when swatching that the darker the colour, the more pigmented it was (as obvious as that sounds) and the better it swatched. All of them were nice, though.

I was incredibly happy with the five eyeshadow colours, which are (from top to bottom): Light Pink (more of a shimmery cream despite the name), Water Cooler Blue, Charcoal (a blue-based grey), Toast (a shimmery browned pink) and Bronze. All swatched beautifully and were buttery-soft. They actually made me want to look for the single eyeshadows for more colours!

The only slight disappointment in this palette were the blushes, Pink Blush (16) and Smoky Rose (09). While the pigment was really picked up by my finger, when transferring to my arm hardly any of the colour showed up. I haven’t tested it with a brush so can’t say how pigmented they really area, but I wasn’t too impressed.

The black lacquered case is a good size for travelling and feels sturdy, although those of you obsessed with keeping your products free of fingerprints might have trouble with this one. The Colors in Bloom palette retails for about $35, although the price may vary from country to country.

Click on the pictures for larger versions. They were all taken in natural light, and the swatches were taken in order. The first picture features lip and cheek products and the second has the eyeshadows. Enjoy! :)

Revlon Colors in Bloom palette  Revlon Colors in Bloom palette  Revlon Colors in Bloom palette
Revlon Colors in Bloom palette   Revlon Colors in Bloom palette

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September 27th, 2011 at 10:46 am

Lancôme Glamour to Go palette

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Lancôme Glamour to Go paletteLancôme Glamour to Go palette This is an old favourite of mine and I am not 100% sure you can still find it at airports and other travel locations, but if you trawl the web you can probably find online sellers. The Lancôme Glamour to Go palette was launched a couple of years ago and, different from most of the brand’s palettes, comes in a white leather-look case with an embossed Lancôme rose instead of the usual lacquered black outers (as you can see from the picture, mine is a bit battered from travelling with me).

It also features a removable cherub charm (which I quite like so it remains attached to my palette).

The Glamour to Go palette comes with the following products:

  • Blush Subtil 20 (Pêche Fever), a gorgeous peachy shade with subtle gold sparkles.
  • Color Fever Shine 208 (Tasty Beige), a great neutral lip colour (it’s a sheer lipstick formula, almost like a gloss).
  • Color Fever Shine 300 (Pink Drip), a nice bright pink shade with cold shimmer (and a great complement for the blush).
  • Four Color Design eyeshadows: 416 (L.A. Berry), a plummy rose; 603 (Pink Strass), a dusty pink with very fine silver shimmer; 605 (Strass Amethyst), a gorgeous purple with silver sparkle; and 607 (Brilliant Parma), a shimmery lilac shade.

The palette also comes with three applicators in separate compartments: a lip brush, a double-ended eyeshadow applicator and a blush brush.

Click on the swatches below for larger images. The first features the eyeshadows (from left to right: 605, 607, 416 and 603) and the second has the lip colours and blush (300, 208 and 20), as described above.

Back in the day, this palette was priced at around £40 ($62), but I’m sure you can find it for less than that nowadays. :)

Lancôme Glamour to Go palette Lancôme Glamour to Go palette

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September 15th, 2011 at 10:00 am

The Essence of Travel – Very YSL palette

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Very YSL paletteYves Saint Laurent has unveiled its first travel-exclusive palette, The Essence of Travel – Very YSL, which is due to reach European duty-free shops and travel boutiques (as well as some airlines) from June, rolling out to Asia and the Americas the following month.

The fuchsia ultra-flat case has gold trimmings and is adorned with the YSL logo, also in gold. Inside, a wide mirror reflects four eyeshadow colours (a deep purple with gold flecks, a cashmere brown and two pinks, described by the company as “Parma” and “taffeta” respectively), two lip shades (fuchsia, like the case, and a sparkling pink “for a healthy glow effect”), a pastel pink blush than can be also used as a highlighter and suits every skin colour, and three applicators, one for each type of product.

According to YSL international make-up artist Lloyd Simmonds,

Yves Saint Laurent is travel taken to new limits, a quest for the exotic… The colors of the tropics, of Africa, the Bazaars… Winter Palaces… For a contemporary journey, whether real or imaginary. I wanted to offer the dream of these journeys in a rich colour palette of purple violets and fuchsias, like bougainvilleas in the winter or summer sunshine.

No price information is available as of yet, but I’ll update this entry once the product has been launched. Reader Sarah has told me the palette costs £38 in the UK (roughly $60). Click on the image to see this palette in all its glory.

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April 15th, 2011 at 11:17 am